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Create An Image Your Customers Will Remember!

Long term advertisers are often as interested in branding as they are in making an offer.  For those businesses, a series of ads can create an image, and humor can help to make it memorable.  I wrote and produced each of these ads, several of which feature voice-overs by other performers.

announcer narrator voice-overs



Bakers - Safe Halloween.mp3

Bakers - Safe Halloween 2.mp3


Ka-Ching! - Only Afford One.mp3

Mime - Up Yours - The Jingle.mp3

 Metro Nissan of Redlands  needed hard sell advertising, but still wanted to create a memorable ad campaign.  The solution?  "No Budget Productions" -- a series of skits that left :40 seconds for the hard sell.  These are montages of the skits.



HCC - Empty Pockets Summer.mp3

HCC - Low Interest Sale.mp3

HCC - Under Construction.mp3

Chassis Award, Copy writing, Production

The Honda Cars of Corona spots (above) are from a series I wrote for Zimmer AdvertisingThe campaign won 1st place in the National Chassis Awards competition, Major Market Automotive category.

Copy Writing, Production, Voiceovers, Voice overs


BP - News Flash.mp3

BP - Superman.mp3

BP - Oscar.mp3


Pasco's - Teams Special.mp3

Pasco's - Ingredients.mp3

For Pasco's Pizza in Hesperia I reused my idea of a short skit to set up an actual ad, and "El Cheapo Pizza" was born.